New Greenhouse – Good to know about this green accommodation

Renting one of our rooms costs depending on size and location. The rent includes electricity, heating, water and Wi-Fi. And the following furnishings: Bed (incl. Bed mattress), desk with chair, table lamp, floor lamp, armchair, bedside table, bookshelf, wardrobe and blackout curtains.

Ten important facts

  • Private rooms – privacy in your room is guaranteed as well as constant opportunities for social interaction
  • Solar cells 
  • Heating system that recycles heat in the ventilation system
  • Free Wi-Fi throughout the house
  • Highest fire-safety
  • Focus on source sorting 
  • Eco-friendly kitchen as appliances have low energy consumption
  • Gym with a sauna for complimentary use
  • Laundry stations
  • Only 20 minutes away from Lund City Center with a bike
  • The most spectacular views over scania landscape

Other things to know

New Greenhouse is a green accommodation, and in order to live up to this, both the landlords and the tenants must be careful about their energy consumption. Energy consumption is measured separately for each home (room).

The operating costs for the accommodation are included in the rent, including fuel/heating, water, hot water, electricity, stair cleaning and garbage collection, provided that the tenant complies with the applicable tenancy rules. The landlord reserves the right to charge the additional costs incurred by the tenant’s not complying with the applicable house rules, as the rent is calculated on the basis that they are indeed complied with.

Highest fire safety
In the renovation of New Greenhouse, we put fire safety of the highest priority. Fire-resistant materials are used everywhere. There are individual fire indicators for each student room and fire and smoke detectors in all spaces including bathrooms.


There is free wifi available throughout the building.

Perfect for you as a student!

International or short-term students

Moving in and out of Greenhouse can be adapted to your schedule. If you want to stay a semester or just a few months, Greenhouse welcomes you anyway!


Room types

We have different types of rooms at Greenhouse, from small to large; which then differs accordingly in price. All rooms are furnished.


Compact living

At Greenhouse you have your own room. There is a toilet and a shower per three rooms. There are several kitchens on each floor and a shared living room. This is a compact accommodation at its best; efficient living spaces, opportunities for social interaction and a green sense of community!

Green concept

Solar cells
During the summer of 2022, the roof of the property was renovated and filled with solar cells, to invest in renewable energy!

Bike friendly
There is a strong biking-culture in Lund and at Greenhouse, we promote biking for our students. Just outside the house there are bike stands for all students and an open-air bike fix workshop, where you can make sure your tires are inflated and your bike is in top condition. If you are not a biker, there are bus stations at convenient walking distance.

New Greenhouse gets a new eco-friendly heating system installed in 2023!
The heat is recycled in the ventilation-system. This gives back about 4 degrees of temperature that otherwise would be lost – instead it is sent back into the building.

Eco-friendly kitchen appliances
Kitchen appliances are all eco-friendly and have low energy consumption (A++ and better). Taps and toilets are designed for efficient water use.

Greenhouse is lit up with LED-light, the most ecofriendly light with a long life- span and high energy-efficiency. Some lights are also controlled by motion detectors and time-control to save even more energy.

The recycling and sorting house makes recycling easy, with separate boxes for your different kinds of waste, and clear how- to guides.

Shared Spaces and Community Feel

Putting greenery aside, Greenhouse provides social interaction and community in the building, by inviting community spaces. There is a small gym with a sauna, for your complimentary use. You have laundry stations, which are booked from each student floor.

There are kitchens and lounge areas – some large and bright, others smaller and more homely – shared by the students. Here you can cook, eat, relax with friends and enjoy the spectacular views over the Scanian landscape, where you see all the way to the Öresund bridge.

New Greenhouse
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Stora Råby Byaväg 88
224 80 Lund, Sweden