This is how you cancel your accommodation at New Greenhouse

The notice period is 3 months. You will be charged 500 SEK if you leave the room without cleaning.

To terminate your contract, please contact Ella at

State your room number (Rxxx-xxx) and that you want to terminate your contract. Await a reply to be sure we have received your termination.

 – Book a meeting with Ella or Johannes at least a week before your departure. The meeting should be on your last day at NGH, as this is the final cleaning check.

Moving out / Cleaning instructions:

  • Clean your room: vaccum and swab the floor, wipe all surfaces.
  • Clean your bathroom.
  • Clean your kitchenspace and space in the fridge.
  • Close the window, turn off the lights and lock the door.
  • When you leaving the building, place the key in your postbox. (If you cannot hand it over to Ellinor at the cleaning inspection)
  • Once you have left the bildning, please send an email to and verify this.

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